Magnetic Encoder IC

MagnTek's rotary encoder IC series, based on high resolution detection technology, provides a wide range of high-performance absolute and relative rotary position sensing products for industrial, medical, robotic, automotive and consumer applications. It offers a variety of analog and digital output types including analog linear output, PWM output, ABZ incremental encoder output, UVW 3-phase commutation output, I2C interface and SPI interface. Powered by patented design techniques, it achieves high angle accuracy, low noise and high tolerance to external stray magnetic field. With an operating temperature from -40 to 150℃ and a minimum 3x3mm package, it can meet the requirement of a wide range of applications.


TypeSupply Volatge(V)Temp Range(℃)Output TypeResolutionRange(°)
MT68133~5.5-40~125I2C/SPI+Analog/PWM12bit DAC(rail-to-rail)/9~12bitPWM0~360
MT68153~5.5-40~125ABZ/UVW/I2C/SPI+Analog/PWM7~12bit and some integer lines resolutions/1~8,10,12,14,16pole pair UVW/12bit DAC(rail-to-rail)/9~12bitPWM0~360
12bit analog&PWM