General Linear Position Detection IC

Output volatge is proportional to the magnetic filed intensity through itself, and the output volatge will be up or down according to the magnetic field polarity and intensity. The magnetic field intensity change can reflect corresponding physical position change, the relationship between the output voltage and the sensed magnetic field polarity and intensity is fixed. These ICs are mainly used for linear displacement detection without calibration.


Supply Volatge


Temp Range(℃)Sensitivity(mV/Gs@VDD=5VMagnetic Range(Gs)Packages
MT45013.0~12-40~1501.35±1000Flat TO-92、SOT-23
MT45053.0~15-40~1502.3±950Flat TO-92
MT45063.0~15-40~1503.4±650Flat TO-92、SOT-89B
MT45073.0~15-40~1504.7±470Flat TO-92
MT15013.0~5.5-40~1501.5±1450Flat TO-92、small SOT-23
MT15033.0~5.5-40~1503.125±700Flat TO-92、small SOT-23