MagnTek Released the Second Speed and Direction Latch Switch——MT1452-EN


MagnTek released a new latch switch IC——MT1452-EN series, the upgraded product of MT1452, achieving a significant improvement in functions based on the MT1452.

MT1452-EN is an upgraded platform product developed for automotive electronics applications. It was transfer to  the new 40V high-voltage process platform ,based on compatible with the electrical and magnetic characteristics of MT1452. From the MT1452's customer application feedback, the output drive capability has been promoted and enhance ESD protection level. It is suitable for motor driven positioning systems window lifter, sunroof motor and pusher motor.

MT1452 will continue selling, MagnTek recommend you try and order upgraded MT1452-EN chip. For getting quick service, you can directly contact our company that phone number is + 86-21-20965129. Thank you very much for your kind attention to the above and look forward to hearing your interest and inquiry soon.