MagnTek Released a Dual Die Packaging Latch Switch IC——MT1450


MagnTek released a latch switch IC which uses an advanced dual die packaging——MT1450, this series features two silicon dice the same package and the Hall plate distance is 1 mm.

MT1450 internally incorporates a voltage regulator, temperature compensation circuitry, small-signal amplifier, Hall sensing functionality (with advanced offset cancellation system) and an open-drain output driver. Integrating two ICs into a single package, the sensitive points are closer together than they would be with discrete devices housed in separate packages and thereby the accuracy has been greatly improved. It can be widely used in automotive applications including shifter, neutral position sensing, speed and direction detection, represent a major advance in magnetic sensing technology.

MT1450A adopts a four-pin Flat TO-94 for through-hole mounting, while MT1450CT is an 8-pin SOP-8 surface-mount package. For getting quick service, you can directly contact our company that phone number is + 86-21-20965129. Thank you very much for your kind attention to the above and look forward to hearing your interest and inquiry soon.