MagnTek released a new Hall-effect speed and direction sensor IC-- MT1451


MagnTek’s new Hall-effect speed and direction sensor IC—MT1451, is an ultra-sensitive temperature-stable magnetic sensing device. It is anideal choice for detecting the speed and direction of ring magnet system in harsh automotive and industrial environments. MT1451 is the first one in similar products, which can detect the hysteresis band when the system power on.This function reduces the angular accuracy error caused by losing of edges when system power on.This new magnetic sensor IC is mainly developed for automotive motor market. Main applications include: window lifter, automatic sunroof, sliding door and trunk / hatchback rear door, etc.The new device could also be applied to garage door openers and automatic shutters applications.

MagnTek’sMT1451 integratesdual-Hall elementswith a pitch of 1.63 mm, and a special process is used to guaranteethe miss-position error within the range of 1 μm.Accurate sensing element spacing eliminatesthe great manufacturing difficulties when choosing a fine pitch ring magnet. Dual Hall elements output signalsgo through post-process coding logic circuit, outputting the target rotating speed and direction information.

With built-in voltage regulator, output short circuit protection, internal zener diode clamping, reverse battery protection, and -40 ° C to + 150 ° C operating range, MT1451 could fully meet the severerequirement for robustness in automotive applications. Meanwhile, MT1451 provides a variety of package options for users to meet different installation requirements.

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