MagnTek released high precision AMR angle detection IC-- MTR611


MagnTek released a high precision magnetic angle detection IC—MTR611, which is based on anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) technology.The chip consists of two AMR Wheatstone bridges which are working at saturation field state. The voltage level of the two sinusoidal analog outputs is proportional tothe magnetic field direction other than theapplied magnetic field strength.This feature determines that the AMR technology is particularly well suited for rotational position detection, unlike the conventional Hall effect technology which requires special magnetic circuit design to indirectly measure the magnetic field direction.As restricted by the nature of AMR technology, the chip can only be applied to the angular range of 180 degrees. Beyond 180 degrees, the output characteristic of the chip repeats again.


MTR611 is based onMagnTek patented AMR technology, compared with traditional Hall technology, it is of advantages such as easy installation, better anti-interference ability and angle precision. With MagnTek’spost-processing chip, it can be appliedas the most cost-effective position detection in the industry. It could be widely used in all kinds of application, including magnetic encoder, car headlights servo steering, EPS motor, steering wheel angle detection, permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor position detection, etc. The chip usesRoHS-compliant SOIC-8 package which is suitable for high environmental requirements applicationslike automotive.


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