Senior Hardware Engineer

1、Job Description

Design application circuits for magnetic sensor ICs

2、 Responsibilities

a) Design application circuits (PCBA) for magnetic sensor ICs, e.g. reference circuit, evaluation board, and programmer board.
b) Responsible for design of circuit schematic diagram and layout, selection of electronic components, and design documentation.
c) Take part in PCB testing, lab verification, reliability testing, and optimization.
d) Teaching and training junior hardware engineer.

3、 Education Requirement

BS degree in Electrical Engineering, Communications, Automation, Computer Science or related field, plus 5 years of relevant work experience, or MS degree plus 3 years of experience .

4、 Qualifications

a) Solid foundation in analog and digital circuit theories, strong circuit analysis capability.
b) Familiar with design, productization and testing of PCBA.
c) Familiar with industry-standard PCB design tools.
d) Good hands-on skills. Familiar with basic lab equipments for circuit testing and debugging, such as oscilloscope and signal generator.
e) Fluent in reading technical literature in Chinese and English.
f) Magnetic sensor ICs product development experience is preferred.

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